Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome to M'Habla's!

     It's the middle of the night and your stomach is growling for human flesh. Or brains. You could march into suburbia and risk the baseball bats, propane tank bombs, and garlic wreaths to get a real gourmet meal, alive  and screaming. Sounds good doesn't it?
     Yeah, but you don't want to walk the three miles from the cemetery. You'd rather not get staked by protective fathers and husbands. And besides, fresh is so overrated. You could have an MSG loaded fried chick leg or hemoglobin shake right now.
     M'Habla's! Stumble up to our fly-thru window and get what you need to keep up that state of living death! You don't have to hunt your own food anymore, let us do that for you. You should be able to live just as easily as the living. Er...die just as easily?
     M'Habla's! Now serving meals fit for the undead. All our meals are iron, silver, and garlic free! Try the Kid's Meal, it's not just for kids anymore, in fact we suggest it for aged werewolves who need something tender, or fairy tale witches. Although what we really suggest in that case is a brain smoothie, chewing can be hard on that single tooth. All blood types available!
     M'Habla's! No overday parking. We are not responsible for any unpleasant side effects our meals might have. We do not serve mortals.
     It's always the middle of the night at M'Habla's!

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