Drinks (other posts)

Zombies!---A short history.
A Regency Tailor's Tale---A bit about sewing.
The Infested Palace---a Make Your Own Adventure game.
A New World of Horror...and Smelling Salts---introduction to Bamberg, setting of Ambulatory Cadavers novel.
Welcome to #OctoberFrights!---introduction to the 2016 #OctoberFrights blog hop.
Ambulatory Cadavers Excerpt---From my upcoming horror comedy
Distracted by Art and Upcoming Newsletter---Instagram fun and Newsletter sign up form!
Alien Jungles---My musings on inspiration and the drive to write.
Interview with Skye Palmer---Skye Palmer is a screenwriter, singer, and entertainer.
A Hole in the Sea Cover Reveal---The cover of my second book! Plus some art by me.
Tribute to Sir Christopher Lee---A small prose tribute and oil painting of my late hero.
Railing Against the Machine---Just me being grumpy.
Sneak Peek At My Desk
Blog Tour Shake Up-Something Missing-Hazel Robinson---Come check out Hazel's book!
The Train is about to Depart!---January 2015 blog tour for "A Hole in the Ice."
"A Hole in the Ice" book excerpt---prologue and chapter one.
Welcome to M'Habla's!---intro.

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