Meals (Stories)

Here is our meal menu. All the stories in one place! Looking for my Oramon mythology? That's under the Delicious Side tab on the menu.
The Olwick Slasher---Can Inspector Daveign stop the horrible murders that terrorize the village of Olwick?
The Tablet of Teh Ri'teth---A Lovecraftian tale of a mysterious tablet.
The Infested Palace---a Make Your Own Adventure game.
Davy Jones---A story about my vision of Davy Jones, as seen in 'A Hole in the Sea.'
The Opulex---A flying opera house in space is about to be attacked by a terrorist.
The Wascally Wabbit---A short tale about...the wascally wabbit.
 Annum---A sci-fi tale of three spontaneously generated beings in a temporary world.
The Old Grey House---Horror story of an old house on the moors, a trapped girl, a shepherd, and a demon.
The Spider-Woman---This is the story of a boy's adventure in a mysterious cavern.
I Am Demo-Man---Demo-Man will destroy the First Bank of Bamberg...unless Moneyman can overcome his own spendthrift ways to stop the villain.

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