Friday, July 17, 2015

Tribute to Sir Christopher Lee

Dracula is gone. The world is suddenly bright and colorful, the thunderclouds and cobwebs have vanished, the lightning crashes no more and the wolves are silent. The candles have ceased to flicker because they have been replaced with electric lights. Where is the scream that split the night? Where are the children of the night and the music that once they made? Where is the ripple that stirs the spine? Where is the voice that cracks like doom? Where is Dracula?
Dracula is gone.
Not only Dracula. Not just Dracula. The greatest villain ever to raise his hoary head. Crisp with the icicles of Hell. He was not always a villain. Each character, whether good (Horror Express, Hugo) or evil (Star Wars, Castle of the Living Dead), resonated with a power unearthly. As did his voice. I could have listened to it all day…
No stone monuments or carven crypts may rise in his honor, yet still his name lives on. Immortal. Two hundred films. His voice will yet crack like doom in narrated audio books and heavy metal albums. Though he is gone, he is not gone and it is too late.
Dracula is dead, long live Dracula.

Dracula has risen from the grave.
Painting time lapse Video

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