Saturday, November 19, 2016

A New Mythology--Oramon--Birth of Nemrus

   “Shall we not make someone to appreciate the wonders you have made, father?” Onera asked Neron.
   “I have made you,” Neron said.
   “And I am alone,” said Onera. “Who shall play in the fields and swim in the sea with me?”
   “I will,” said Neron.
   Nomra watched.
   Nomra watched from the peak of Amalteron and Onera was always with Neron and Nomra was alone with the birds. Onera still desired Neron to make another being.
   “Make one for each of the elements,” she begged him. “Make one for earth, for fire, for sea, and for air that wherever I go there will be a companion for me.”
   This idea pleased Neron and at last he bowed to her wishes. First he made of water, Triona, half woman, half fish. Second he made of fire, Phiron, the salamander. Third he made of air, Ariaj, the swift, who was a shapeshifter and very beautiful. But he could not give life to the earth, which was Nomra’s.
   Neron approached her on her throne surrounded by birds. “Nomra, together we shall make this, our second child,” he said.
   “These beings are strange and terrifying,” Nomra said. “I do not wish to make another.”
   “Love you not Onera, your very likeness?” Neron asked.
   “Yes,” Nomra said. “She is sublime and sufficient. Triona is fickle, Phiron is brash, Ariaj is uncanny. Why create more?”
   Neron could not prevail upon her to help create a being from the earth. When he told Onera that he was unable to complete her request she was insistent. The four beings must be accomplished.
   “But I cannot give life to earth without Nomra, and she refuses to aid me,” Neron said.
   “I will speak to her,” Onera said. But Nomra hid from Onera and would not let her daughter see her.
   “She will prevail upon me,” Nomra said to herself. “For I cannot resist her.”
   “We will trick her then,” said Onera. “Form the creature as one of your animals that she loves.”
So Neron formed a hart of earth and brought it to Nomra.
   “This noble hart is dying,” Neron said, showing her the lifeless form. “Quicken him.”
Nomra was filled with pity for the beautiful creature, one of the first that Neron had formed for her from the Dark. “My power is in the earth and the growing things,’ she said. “You are the one to quicken this dying creature. Yours is the power of the living, moving things.”
   “It will not respond to me alone, perhaps together we can save it,” Neron said. They lay their hands upon the hart and it sprang up, its false hart-skin falling away to reveal the man shape with the hart’s head.

   “What is this?” Nomra demanded. But she knew what had happened and that she had been tricked. Amalteron rumbled and cracked with her anger. Onera whisked the new creature away to the Island Onerae and waited while Amalteron erupted. Onera named the earth creature, her brother, Nemrus, the first son.
   Thus was Nomra’s ire kindled against her daughter.

   Nemrus was not like his three sibling elementals. They were wild, tempestuous. Nemrus was quiet, solid, and temperate. But when his wrath was stirred, his anger burned and convulsed with all the power of his mother, and all the strength of the earth. He made his abode in the mountains and watched over the animals, a king and a judge.

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