Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Hole in the Sea Book Birthday Celebration

   To celebrate the first book birthday of A Hole in the Sea, I am going to give away three signed paperbacks of A Hole in the Sea. I'm also going to slip a small original painting into each copy! I created these three (wildly contradictory) depictions of the monstress, Wilma Jones, using watercolor and pen. She's one of my favorite (somewhat minor, but important) characters.

   I used rafflecopter to do this because it's so handy and picks a winner for me, but I don't really care for the entry options. So I tried to get around that by making the main way to enter into a simple question: Why do you like fiction? You can be as brief as you like in answering the question: even just type one letter. It's the option that gives you the most entries and you can follow me on facebook and twitter, if you like, for a couple extra entries ;)  Hopefully it works.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

   The winners will be selected and announced next Saturday, the 28th, the day A Hole in the Sea was officially released!
   It was my second book, sequel to my debut A Hole in the Ice, and I feel like my writing grew a lot in the process of writing and editing it. I also feel like Parsifal's journey was much more defined, it's the next step in his development and it was exciting to watch him grow (these characters are very real to me and writing each new book is like relaxing into them and letting them tell the story).
   I also got to explore my mythical Sea and create some of my favorite characters: the mad woman, Fou, the mysterious power hungry old mariner, Dioktes, and the monstress Wilma Jones, as well as Davy Jones and Captain Caspar.
Captain Caspar
Davy Jones


We also get another look at the mermaids and we meet the Weather Casters!

Weather Caster


Here is  the official blurb for the book:
   As the chase continues into the extraordinary seascape of a mysterious ocean, where sea monsters reign, deadly mermaids hunt, and pirates skulk, Parsifal learns that staying alive on the high seas is no easy task; especially when being hunted down by the vengeful and determined Lady Vasille. 
   As beautiful, deadly, and driven as ever, Lady Vasille will stop at nothing to retrieve the compass and the power it contains. 
   In this fantastically wrought, nautical fantasy adventure, McCallum J. Morgan transports the reader into a truly magical realm. 
And here is my Amazon Author Page where you can find all of my books! And book one is still ¢99 on Kindle if you haven't taken the first leg of the journey.
   Thank you all and good luck!

My oil painting of the Scylla

Book cover by Little Bird

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