Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Creature's Lament

One for me.
One like me.
Just one, for all others spurn,
I am alone, cast aside,
That thing which I dearly yearn,
Cruelly, I have been denied.

Unknown bliss.
Void's dark kiss.
But for you, I'd know not pain,
Had you not blasphemed this way,
Meddled with limbs and brains,
It's your fault I saw the day.

One for me.
One like me.
Last chance to make oblation,
To exist, I will need love,
Redress your foul creation,
Tis plain what I am made of.

What you've done,
All will shun.
Condemned me to loneliness,
Now you must do what you can,
To restore your holiness,
Make one like me, a woman.

One for me.
One like me.
A hideous monster-bride,
A creature who will love me,
Not one who will run and hide,
Now go, Father! Make it be!

Lover's kiss,
Coldest hiss.
Now I see, naught will avail,
Your artifice worked too well!
Her crimson cheeks now turn pale,
She banishes me to Hell.

One for me.
One like me.
Must I trade a lover's kiss,
And despair of holding hands?
Trade it for the coldest hiss,
Colder than the Arctic lands?

Even she,
Can't love me.

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