Saturday, October 21, 2017

Zombiecon Review

   Why does it take me so long to write these?? Zombie Con was October 7, two whole weeks ago!
   Anyway, it was a really fun event in a really cool venue: the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane, Washington. It opened in 1915 as the Clemmer Theater, and you can read all about it's fascinating history here.
Bing Crosby theater pit

   It was a relatively small convention, with only about seven vendors, plus the make-up artists. Three zombie authors, including me, were present: Grivante and M. Lauryl Lewis being the (delightful) other two. Then there was Verona the Mad's Crafts and Combobulations, from whom I bought a wonderful clockwork pocket watch, and her friend Belinda (whose link I've lost), maker of beautiful handcrafted clay jewelry! Not sure whose links to put in for the makeup artists, but they were all very talented. But here is the facebook page for zombiecon. It will be returning next year, bigger and better!
   Oh, yes, I forgot: there was a sampling of cast and crew from Z Nation there for a panel!! I sit in on the panel, but it sounded entertaining.
   It was a bit slow some of the time, but so many creative zombies came through! And one of the staff got mobbed by ravening zombie children when he tried to pass out free raffle tickets. I felt a little out of place with my scanty selection of horror-themed items: one out of three books, a few Cthulhu paintings and my Java Zombie mug. (now available on my etsy shop). But I sold a few books! And met more zombie authors and had a good time, so that's the most important thing.
   Not to mention this is the most comfortable costume I've made to date. Mainly because it doesn't involve a neck cloth. I love cravats but they make my neck stiff.
   So once again I was a terrifying zombie! Among many. Can't wait for next year!
A terrifying zombie!

Signed book exchange with Grivante

Reading from Ambulatory Cadavers

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